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There are dragons out there you know.  This isn’t a travel blog like other travel blogs. It is designed to help you live cross-culturally.  It isn’t designed for twenty-something backpackers who stay in hostels.  It is designed for mature adults, (whoever you are out there) who have that funny feeling that adventure could be just around the corner, but you have never looked to see.  But you know you want to.

You know that feeling.  It isn’t just wanderlust, although that may be there.   It is more like this:  I remember as a boy my parents subscribed to some special monthly book thing for me.  Each month a small book on some country came in the mail.  I was able to read about the country and paste pictures at the proper place.  No computer, no online photos, just me and those books.  I knew then, like I know now, “out there” is where I want to be.  You know that feeling.

I have had the chance to travel all over Mexico and most of Central America.  I have walked in cornfields and ridden subways.  I have eaten the best tortillas in the world cooked over a comal heated by charcoal.  I have visited Brazil and Benin in West Africa.  I know how dark it is on the edge of the bush with no electricity at night.  I love cross cultural experiences and learning about people.  I love living cross-culturally.  That is what this blog is about.

You may have had the chance to travel and even ventured out on your own some.  You may have visited beach resorts or seen Europe.  But this blog isn’t about that.  It is about that feeling you have for the adventure of living and loving and doing something out there.

They say they used to put on maps, in the uncharted areas, “There Be Dragons.”  They are out there make no mistake about it.  Are you ready to go to the edge of the map and see?

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